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Archimedes Fluid Dynamics Pillow
Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you wake up countless times during the night?
Here is our revolutionary water pillow for you! It is a comfortable, adjustable water pillow with a reasonable price that can offer you restful sleep! You will wake up feeling refreshed every morning!

Our new product, the Archimedes Fluid Dynamics Pillow
- fits your body regardless of your sleeping posture;

- supports your body with even pressure at all times due to the application of buoyancy;
-maintains your ideal sleeping posture even when you move around during the night.


Because our Archimedes Fluid Dynamics Pillow has a special structure that combines both fluid and air in the pillow.

Inner structure of Archimedes Fluid Dynamics Pillow

Special inner structure

How does it work?
-By applying buoyancy, it offers the most comfortable sleep by maintaining your
 ideal sleeping posture.
-Its built-in special air and water bags help the natural properties of the fluid be at their best for sleeping.
-The surface where you rest your head is filled with fluid, so the pillow can maintain your ideal body posture while you are sleeping.

Supports your head with even pressure
-It offers comfortable sleep.
-With fluid contained in the pillow, it fits the contour of the line of your head, neck and shoulders and supports your body with even pressure.
-It is easy to roll over on it.
- Fluid structure offers consistent even support to your body and varies its shape according to your posture. It remains fitted to your head, neck and shoulders.

Adjustable - You can adjust it to your most comfortable level.
 Softness - by adjusting the amount of air in the pillow
 Height-by adjusting the amount of air and using the provided pads
Light and handy
Not at all heavy, and maintenance is easy!

- The pillow consists of air, liquid, and foam containing continuous air bubbles, combined hydrodynamically (patented structure).

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