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Archimedes Fluid Dynamics Mattress

Is developed with an innovative structure while maintaining the advantages of conventional waterbeds. By combining three hydrodynamic components, - water, air and continuous air bubbles, Archimedes Fluid Dynamics Mattress provides not only the natural and even support of body weight for health and better sleep, but is also a much lighter, smaller and much more affordable mattress than the traditional waterbed. In our trial production stage, the company succeeded in attaining one- tenth the weight, four-fifth the mattress area, and 1/3 the price of a conventional waterbed, by applying the Archimedesfs principle.@>>More information

Currently we are providing a trial version of the Archimedes Fluid Dynamics Mattress at guest rooms in Hotel Turtle Hills in Kawasaki, Japan. The Hotel Turtle Hills acts as our partner by collecting survey results from guests and the hotel enjoys a high rate of returning customers because of the extremely unique and comfortable bed in the guest room.

Archimedes Fluid Dynamics Pillow

Our new product, the Archimedes Fluid Dynamics Pillow
- fits the contour of your neck line perfectly regardless of your sleeping posture

- supports your body with even pressure at all times due to application of buoyancy
-maintains your ideal sleeping posture after you move around during the night

Why? >>More information

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