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Fluid Dynamics Mattress

Are you suffering from chronic back pain?

Do you wish you could wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and
without pain in your back? Do you toss and turn many times, trying to find a
comfortable sleeping position?

Here is
the mattress you’ve been looking for! This bed will help you sleep soundly and
give you incredibly comfortable sleep.

What’s new about this mattress?
Isn’t this just another waterbed?

Q1.How is Archimedes Fluid Dynamics
mattress different from all other conventional types of beds?

If the mattress is hard, body weight will be on the
protruding parts of the body and cause bad blood circulation. The posture of
the body is stiff and will prevent comfort in sleep. On the other hand, if the
mattress is too soft, the waist area will sag and that may cause lower back
pain and spinal problems.

In comparison, a waterbed supports the body by buoyancy with fluid; as a result, the water can support the body evenly,
fitting the contour of the body naturally.

However there have always been many problems
with waterbeds such as high maintenance, water leakage, its excessive weight,


A new structure

 Archimedes Fluid Dynamics Mattress

We have successfully invented a new type of mattress that features a special

While maintaining the
advantages of waterbeds, we have developed a new
structure that combines three hydrodynamic components: water, air, and foam.
As a result, the new waterbed is much
lighter, smaller and more affordable.

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In our trial production
stage, we succeeded in reducing the weight by 10 %,
the area of the mattress by 20%, and attaining 1/3 the price of a conventional
by applying the Archimedes’s principle- the natural and even
support of body weight for health and comfort.

What is new about the Archimedes Fluid Dynamics Mattress?

  1. It supports the body with even pressure and provides incredibly comfortable
    sleep in bed

    • low body pressure and
      excellent pressure distribution
    • adjustable body pressure
  2. It maintains an ideal sleeping posture
    regardless of changing position while asleep

    • maintains the sleeping
      posture even while sleeping on the side
  3. Counteracts the negative affects of sleeping
    on your side

    • eliminates discomfort
    • allows you to sleep longer
      while side-sleeping
  4. Prevents bed sores
  5. Light weight (one-tenth the weight of a conventional

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