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About Us

Fluid Dynamics Studio Inc. (FDS) was founded in Japan in 2002. The company focuses on the systematic structure of fluid dynamics and has developed the Archimedes Fluid Dynamics Pillow and the Archimedes Fluid Dynamics Mattress, with the assistance of Professors of sleep physiology in Japan. 

In 2004, the company was selected as one of the most promising small companies in Japan under the Tiger Gate Project initiated by a Japanese government agency, the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO). Under JETRO's Tiger Gate Project, the company received the opportunity to expand its business to the United States market while receiving business support services through selected United States business incubators. In June 2004, FDS started research in its American office at the Technology Innovation Center, a business incubator facility in the Northwestern University Research Park.

About our mattress and pillow

With professors at a Japanese university who own a sleep study lab, we have conducted extensive surveys and research on subjects on Archimedes in Japan. The surveys and research have proven that 80% of those who have used our beds sleep better than sleeping on regular beds, and 90% were more comfortable sleeping on our pillow. They have also proven that people fall asleep more quickly with our pillows and can have sufficient sleep within a shorter period of time. The data has proven that our mattress and pillow are effective for those who have trouble sleeping and/or sleep apnea, due to the technology that supports the body with even pressure for comfortable sleep.

Fluid Dynamics Studio Inc.
Research and Development
Archimedes mattress, pillow

Japanese Office:
Keihin-Building 2F, 1-1 Minamiwatarida-cho Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi,
Kanagawa, Japan 210-0855

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